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Time for a refresh. Introducing our new look!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

We've been busy cooking up a refresh of our labelling. Designed as a result of the new labelling laws from July 1 2018, the labels need to state the country of origin. The new labels will reveal where products are produced, grown, made and packed, as well as what percentage of the ingredients come from Australia.
According to the Government, it’s been introduced to help Australians better understand what they are buying.
So we took the opportunity to freshen up our brand at the same time, tackling the retail 285g jars first off. We'll be working through our range over the coming months. Keep an eye out at your local Stockist for the new look.
But remember it’s still the best jam anywhere….

We've made a fresh batch of our famous Blood Plum Jam

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Last December a NSW farmer came to Hanks door directly selling his blood plum
surplus crop. Hank’s is always supportive of local farmers from NSW so we did not
hesitate to purchase a great quality product.
We took these beautiful plums straight into the Kitchen and got to work making
our famous Blood Plum Jam.
We know this Jam has an almost cult-like following, so don’t miss out!
You can buy it online right here.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Swissotel and Hank’s: Perfect Partnership!

Swissotel executive chef Thomas Heinrich: photo, 

Business Insider.

Swissotel Sydney, on Market Street, is the latest Hotel to become a fan of HANK'S. Serving our jams & chutneys in their restaurant, bar and In-room dining. Executive Chef Thomas Heinrich says: “I like to use great products that have an interesting back story and are locally made”.

Sydney-born Heinrich began his career locally at Basil’s Seafood Restaurant before working in some of the world’s great cities, including New York, Chicago and Vancouver. Now back in Australia he’s enjoying using locally sourced and seasonally inspired produce, especially at JPB. Thomas has developed a passion and aptitude for mixing and matching Australia’s native produce with more traditional flavours.

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