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Every morning can feel like a Saturday morning, with a big dollop of Hank’s Jam on your toast. Using only the finest Australian produce, Hank’s Jams are made the traditional way, by slow reduction cooking. We stir and stir and stir for over 5 hours (phew!) and then bottle while the jam’s still piping hot which means no additives or preservatives are required, letting the flavour and goodness of the fruit shine. We believe that’s exactly how jam should be! Is it Saturday yet? How information on how to buy Hanks Products get in touch HERE.

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Yummy Jams and Marmalades at Hank’s

Jams and marmalades are the perfect accompaniments for breakfasts and snacks. Especially when mornings are rushed, and there’s little time to prepare something fancy for breakfast. Just some jam or butter spread over bread has to do the trick.

Even just jams can do the trick quite well if they are from Hank’s. What more, they bring out the flavour of homemade jams as they are prepared by the simple, old fashion method Hank, a chef, had used first to make some jam in his spare time- fresh fruits ,and slow reduction method by stirring lots and lots.

Gourmet foods at your service

We have still retained this method. Just because we produce gourmet jam or gourmet marmalade on a massive scale, doesn’t mean that we have cut short on the warmth and honesty of our products. Even to this day, Hank’s jams provide the same homely comfort it used to around two decades back.

Times have changed. We haven’t. We still don’t add preservatives or colours, thickeners, emulsifiers, ascorbic acid or peptins either. Only the freshest and highest quality Australian produce is chosen for our handmade jams. The only things we may be charged of adding are time (five hours of continuous stirring, imagine that!), effort, and love. The process of Jam making for us remains the same to this day. We know how you want your breakfast to smell like, those Saturday mornings you used to look forward to as kids.

Explore our range:

In order to give the most natural taste as well as flavour to our jams, we only choose freshly picked fruits that not only provide delicious taste to your meal but also adds variety. You can easily check out our wide range of jams and marmalades that are made from Apple, Apricot, Chilli, Cranberry, Pear, Vanilla Triple Berry, Strawberry, Orange, Paw Paw, Lime, Raspberry, Fig, Ginger, Fig and Cinnamon, Passion fruit and Mango. Marmalades that make dishes delectable are Orange and Lime marmalade and rich Orange marmalade.

That is an incredibly tasty list to choose from. Hank’s is unique because of recipes and exquisite tastes. It’s not for nothing that we’ve survived for so long in the business with so many other products coming up. Moreover, our jams and marmalades tastes more like a homemade jam rather than an artificial one.

More info about our service

For introducing a pinch of Hank’s in your daily routine, go through our website for ordering products or visit a local supermarket. Australian gourmet foods are present at your service with Hank’s. We know that innovation in not unique to us; in fact, a mom hurrying to prepare a meal can be one of the greatest creative masterminds. Share such recipes with us on our website, so that others can enjoy them with a Hank’s product as well. Ordering online has the benefit of the product delivery at your doorstep. We include all costs with the product; no extra is incurred. The order is delivered on time such that it proffers to your requirements at the proper time. You don’t need to worry about quality when shopping for gourmet products with us.

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